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Kibler and Kirch_Cody WY-4791-HDR_300DPI

Nestled in the mountainside of ancient Heart Mountain (a defining anomaly of geology anchoring Cody and the surrounding communities), lies the very definition of custom architecture and design - build.


Modern town homes designed by Keegan Quick, team architect and innovative thinker.


Tall and Long - This house brings modern and mountain together and stands as tall as the cliff faces that anchor it below.


Our rustic beginnings started here and have grown since.  The timber work and historic feel of this home speaks for itself. 


Designed and built by TL Quick - This beautiful residence was an example of all the skills our team offers.

S 10.JPG

Picturesque landscapes and clean lines.  This home displays the attention to detail we spend on the finishes that is unique to

TL Quick


Bold, Industrial, Unique, and inspiring.  This home pushes design and aesthetics.  We love it.

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